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August 22, 2019 – SMP is an effective technique which is similar to getting a tattoo. In this, tiny needles are used to add color pigments to the scalp to cover baldness or lack of hair. Men and women both benefit from this exclusive service provided by the SMC experts. Hair loss is a big problem faced by a lot of young people nowadays. Medical advancement with its unique treatments and inventions has made lives of such people easier. SMP is one of the wonders of high-end hair loss treatments with guaranteed results. The days of wearing wigs or hats to cover baldness have long gone. SMP is an effective solution for hair loss problems suffered by the majority of people. It is basically depositing color into the internal layer of the skin on the scalp. It is the latest trend among the youth and this treatment gives an impression of a ‘buzz cut’ or recently shaved bald head which sets a style statement.

Overview of the SMP Training Programs – SMC introduces various treatments to its clients with its varied SMP training programs. People who are novice or have basic qualifications in this industry can take these training and certification programs to be a part of the professional world to work in close association with the SMC experts. Their training and certification programs can be broadly divided into four categories and these are as follows-

1. TheOnline SMP Training Program – The best part of this program is that it’s online and the students can learn everything about SMP sitting at their homes. The program includes Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, Skin and Hair Loss Lessons, Quizzes and SMP practice modules.

2. The Online SMP Training & Three Day Intensive SMP Training Program– This is a three-day course which ensures candidates’ capabilities ranging from consultation to aftercare of SMP. It’s available online and is an intensive course for quality training that makes the candidates a pro in the industry.

3. Three Day SMP Training Program– This program includes a one-on-one training session with the SMP Master Artist for a better understanding of SMP. Candidates who want to learn everything about SMP can book their seats for this program to excel in this field.

4. Group SMP Training Program– This is the final and last training program at SMC for which a candidate must complete the online training SMP course. This is apt for different professionals who come together to understand the principals of SMP. Most importantly, it takes place with not more than eight people per training session.

Student Enrollment Here are some important points to remember before enrolling for any SMP training program at SMC.

Requirements for Training

To be eligible for the training, people should have a good eye sight. Although, glasses and contact lenses are accepted. People who are looking forward to taking this training must have good written and verbal skills in English. Good hand-eye coordination is mandatory. Shaky hands are just not accepted.

Attendance SMC is very serious regarding training and expects their students to take this job seriously as well. If a candidate is missing classes without any valid reason, then the classes won’t get rescheduled and money won’t get refunded as well. But, if the candidate has a valid reason for missing the classes, the same can get adjusted to some other day. SMC believes in seriousness and dedication to be an expert in this field. So, lack of attendance is a candidate’s sole responsibility.

Canceled or Relocated Classes SMC has the right to cancel a class at its prudence if the attendance doesn’t match up to their requirements. The candidates will be notified accordingly and will get 100% refund of the fees paid for the class. They can also shift classes in terms of their requirements and students will be kept in the loop. And, they will also be informed about the next available class.

SMC is the industry expert establishing professionals and specialists for SMP. They are not only giving solutions to hair loss problems but also providing training programs for keen candidates in this field. Consult them for a successful career in this profession.

The Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Training Program uses state of the art equipment and techniques that give their clients the best results. Their experience in SMP, coupled with their ability to teach and educate others, makes their program the perfect fit for anyone wanting to start a new career in this trillion dollar hair loss industry. Our SMP Artists make up to $20,000 a month, working 3-4 days a week.

SMP Artists are currently in high demand by Hair Transplant clinics that are looking to use the treatment to increase client satisfaction after hair transplants. SMP Artists also use our techniques to be able to give the appearance of a full head of shaved hair to balding men and women. Students will learn how to camouflage scalp scars from injuries, accidents, surgeries, and hair transplants. The highest growing treatment is our SMP HD (Hair Density) treatment. SMP HD involves adding thousands of pigmented, simulated hair follicles to the scalp of men and women who are concerned with hair loss or bald spots, giving them the appearance of a thicker, denser, fuller head of hair.

Call us at 1-844-877-2257 or email us at for more information about Scalp Micropigmentation classes, training and certification. No experience required. Business partnerships available. Become part of the largest SMP Network of SMP Artists in the World!

Visit us online at:

Contact Information Tino Barbone Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center 1-844-877-2257

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