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The Scalp Micropigmentation Center would like to personally thank CosmoBiz for the great article put out in their latest issue that informs and educates the public and salon professionals in the art and science of Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Center not only conducts hundreds of SMP treatments per year, but they are the leaders in training future SMP Artists. Our SMP Training program focuses on the the main points of SMP, which are:

  1. Proper SMP Training

There are a variety of SMP training program out there, but most rely on Tattoo and PMU equipment, while SMC produces their own SMP Certified Needles and Inks for the sole purpose of conducting an SMP Treatment. Our SMP Training program has been developed by our Master SMP Artist who has worked years in the industry, and was very disappointed in the lack of training and equipment used in todays SMP treatments, thus, we developed our own. We only use these tools on our clients, and we only sell these tools to our students, thus, there are no other SMP Certified Equipment in the market, unless you see our SMC Seal of Approval – then you know it is genuine.

  1. SMP Power Source

This is an important part of the SMP treatment, as the power source needs to be powerful enough to drive the needle cleanly through the first layer of skin. If you are using a PMU machine, chances are you are getting a lot of blow outs because those machines do not have enough power, and are used for Permanent Makeup, not Scalp Micropigmentation.

  1. SMP Machine

The machine must have the correct settings on it, and a regular PMU or Rotary Pen cannot be used to complete a proper SMP treatment because, if you are using the proper power source, rotary pens would not be able to handle the kind of power needed to complete a proper SMP Treatment. We are partnered with Cheyenne who are the best Tattoo Machine Makers in the world. Our machine is powerful enough to handle the power source, and has the correct settings to be able to drive the needle through the first layer of skin cleanly. If the machine you are using is vibrating too much, you cannot control your needle and you will get poor results.

  1. SMP Needles

Again, we work with Cheyenne, who are the best needle makers in the world. Their needles are of high standards, and have no back flow. Currently, most SMP providers are using tattoo needles or permanent makeup needles. Obviously, you would want someone to use proper SMP needles, designed specifically for use in Scalp Micropigmentation. We have designed 3 types of needles that work with different skin types and different ethnicities. We only sell our SMP Certified products to our students, so you will NOT find these on kijiji, DH Gate, eBay, Amazon, or any other site. We have the patent, and SMC are the only ones to carry these specialized needles.

  1. SMP Inks

Our SMP Inks or Pigments are specially formulated for SMP ONLY. We do not use permanent makeup pigments or tattoo inks. Our SMP inks will not change color and are free of any carcinogens. The fear today is that other providers are using inks that are from unknown sources, or worse are permanent makeup pigments which are composed of different colors. If PMU pigments are used, they will eventually fade into their original colors, thus, your perfect brown color today, can be green tomorrow. Only used SMP Certified equipment and supplies.

As we tell our clients when they are shopping around for SMP providers: “Do not shop by price, shop by portfolio”. Anybody can offer to train you in SMP for a small price, but you end up getting what you paid for.


Once you train in Scalp Micropigmentation using our techniques, equipment and supplies, your training does not end there. We have continuing education courses that we do online – ONLY for our students. We create your own website to get you started and to bring in clients. You will be part of our SMP Network of SMP Artists and listed under our website. You will be listed under our Google Places. We give you ongoing training in marketing and advertising. We do not just train you and forget about you, we want you to be successful in this industry and thus, if you are successful, then we are successful. If you fail, then we have failed you.

Visit us today at or call us toll free 1-844-877-2257 to ask about our online SMP training or our in-office training program. We train Doctors, Nurses, Hair Transplant Technicians, Medical Estheticians, Estheticians, Stylists, etc. We also re-train those SMP artists that have had training elsewhere, but found that training to be subpar and they are still not confident enough to complete an SMP procedure.

Call us at 1-844-877-2257 or email us at for more information about Scalp Micropigmentation classes, training and certification. No experience required. Business partnerships available. Become part of the largest SMP Network of SMP Artists in the World!

Visit us online at:

Contact Information Tino Barbone Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center 1-844-877-2257

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