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The Scalp Micropigmentation Center Offers SMP Online Training And In-Class SMP Training Combo

The Scalp Micropigmentation Center (SMC) opened its first clinic in 2014 in Toronto, Ontario and now they have offices all over the world. SMC hasn’t even begun marketing or advertising to the masses, and already their name is well known in the SMP industry with Doctors and Hair Transplant clinics, as well as everyday Men and Women calling to book appointments for their SMP, SMP Hair Density and SMP Scar Camouflage treatment options.

SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation, has grown leaps and bounds since SMC first opened, and Tino Barbone, now CEO of SMC, says that “the high demand for our treatment options hasn’t even peaked…we have done only limited advertising and yet we are inundated with calls and emails daily.” Tino Barbone states that in 2017 they plan to open at least 50 more offices around the globe, and that they will be hosting and making guest appearances at hair transplant and hair loss conferences to spread the word about their SMP Program, and how SMP can greatly help increase client satisfaction rates for hair transplant clinics, who’s satisfaction rates are low due to the results of FUT and FUE procedures.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Center (SMC) has completed an Online SMP Training Program that teaches users, step by step. the process and technique of SMP. SMC will not reveal all their secrets, including custom made inks and needles that they use for their treatments, as this is proprietary, and their SMP supplies and equipment are only sold to their students, or those who have taken the SMC training program.

SMC offers an Online SMP Training Program and an Online SMP Program and a 3 Day Intensive In-Class Combo SMP Training program. Every SMP student takes the online SMP training program. If the student does well and is obviously a natural at the art and science of SMP, once they complete the online SMP Training program, then they will receive their Certificate of Attendance, however, they still must complete at minimum of 3 treatments before a student can receive their full designation as an SMP Artist.

Alternatively, if the student is having some trouble grasping SMP, or if that student would like to receive a more personalized training environment or practice, then after the student completes the online training program, they will have the opportunity to book their private, one on one training session with our SMP Master. Here the SMP student will receive 3 days of intensive training with our Master SMP Artist, as well as be able to work on a minimum of 5-9 scalps during their 3 day course. It is intensive, however, once the student has taken this course, they will leave the office with their SMP Artist Certificate and the confidence to complete an SMP treatment in their own office setting.

The SMP training program that SMC offers does not end once the student has complete their online and/or in-class training – their training has only just begun. Because the student is still new in the industry, SMC has set up a private student page where only SMC students can log in and participate in discussions, see more videos, post comments, receive and give feedback, talk with other students or masters in the SMP industry, etc.

The cost of SMCs Online SMP training program is $4000 CDN, and the Online SMP Training Course and 3 Day In-Class SMP Training Combo is $6000 CDN. This is quite affordable and a great investment as the average cost of an SMP or SMP HD treatment is $3500 CDN. With your purchase of the program, you will receive your SMP Training Kit which includes all the materials and supplies you need to complete the program, as well as complete 3 treatments on your own. The SMP KIT includes: SMP Machine, SMC Inks, SMP Needles, Practice Paper, Practice Skin, Headline Stencils, etc.

If you would like more info about the SMC Online SMP Training Program and/or our 3 Day Intensive In-Class SMP Training Combo, then please visit us at or email us for more info at

To view more info about our SMP training course, or to view actual students and clients before and after pictures and videos, please visit us at:

To speak with an SMP Master to find out more info about our training program, please call SMC toll free at 1-844-877-2257.

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